PCR-پی سی ار

Beside the use of CRP as the classical acute phase serum marker for infections with serum levels above 10 mg/l,

recent evidence indicates the use of a highly sensitive test for CRP (hsCRP) as a predictive marker for cardiovascular diseases. Elevations of baseline levels of CRP are associated with higher long-term risk for future cardiovascular events. Therefore, the hsCRP marker could be used as a predictive indicator for cardiovascular events in apparently healthy individuals. Recommendations for the use of CRP testing given by the American Heart Association and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (AHA/CDC) are as an independent marker of risk in the evaluation of people with moderate risk for cardiovascular diseases. It is recommended to measure hsCRP in high risk individuals two or more times with a 2 to 3 week interval to eliminate the possibility of a concomitant infection. Only in the event of a non-infective etiology elevated levels of CRP can be indicative of an associated cardiovascular disease.

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